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Chair AGA 16/01


Original Title (PL): Krzesło AGA
Designer: Józef Marian Chierowski
Origin Country: Poland
W: 37 cm, H: 74 cm, D: 53
Weight: 4 kg
Construction: natural oiled beech


The AGA looks and feels as it sounds. Compact and snug design qualifies the AGA chair as one of Józef M. Chierowskis' most famous furniture projects. Produced in early 70s', the AGA is still highly appreciated by many interior design experts. Its' optimal size makes it perfectly suitable for smaller or average sized spaces.

The chair was renewed keeping a closest to original color of the seat, whilst giving to it a unique forest green moss texture. Though, the exposed natural beech stained-grain of legs, acquired visual consistence with the seat material.

Designer Profile

Józef Marian Chierowski (b. 1927 – d. 2007) a prominent Polish interior and furniture designer. Lecturer and Head of the Department of Industrial Design Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Chierowski is most famous for the Model 366 Armchair, which has become an icon of Polish design of the twentieth century. However, apart from the chair, Chierowski designed many highly popular furniture, like a chair VAR or AGA which has also been manufactured in the tens of thousands of pieces.