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Chair Type 200-190 16/01


Original Title (PL): KRZESŁO TYP 200-190
Designer: Rajmund Teofil Hałas
Origin Country: Poland
W: 46 cm; H: 78 cm; D: 43 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg
Construction: natural oiled beech and darkened oiled beech
Seat: high-resist fabric



Elegance, ergonomics and rationality of the chair are promptly recognizable features from the first look and touch. Every resting on it reveals the best of Rajmund Hałas outstanding workmanship.

Renovation of this chair preserves the time footprints as well as enhances the product with high quality materials. The construction of the chair is made of perfectly cleaned and oiled beech wood, when the seat features durable anti-stain and anti-peeling fabric. The natural wood version exposes aging stains and scars of use. The darkened wood version conceals some of stains and scars as well gives the exclusive "chocolate brown" color effect.

Natural wood version

Darkened wood version

Designer Profile

Rajmund Teofil Hałas (b.31/05/1925 in Krobia in Wielkopolska – d.4.11.2008 in Poznan, Poland) artist, architect, designer, teacher. He comes from a family with a long tradition in carpentry crafts, initiated by the great-grandfather Jacob in Węcławski half of the nineteenth century.

During his career he exported furniture to Vienna and Berlin. After Studies graduation he joined the furniture industry. In the 1956 to 1969 headed the Design Studio Furniture in the Union Furniture Industry in Poznan. In 1960 he founded the group "Koło" with Czeslaw Kowalski, Leonard Kuchma and Janusz Różański. However, apart from the famous 200-190 Chair, Hałas designed many highly popular furniture, like a chairs, armchairs, which has been manufactured in the tens of thousands of pieces.