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Exhibitions Design

With 10 years of exhibitions designing and realization coordination experience in a military industry, today we are opening a new page. Hereby we are offering both graphical and structural exhibitions design. As well as stand building in a cooperation with our trusted partner.


We Design, We Coordinate, We Build

If You are looking for lift-up Your exposition face or optimizing costs or You are at a threshold of changing your partner – our company is at Your disposal. The White Mood will support You creating unique product exposition specially tailored to Your companies strategy. Moreover, supporting with graphic design and product photography if needed. Following are key points of our capabilities and skills:

  • Product unique exposition;
  • Stand design;
  • Stand building;
  • Technical coordination;
  • Graphic design wrapping (posters, banners, leaflets, brochures, presentations etc.);
  • Product photography (including unique concept development).



Exhibition Images Gallery (customer NFM Group)

Stage II.

  • Concept

Stage IV.

  • Realization & Coordination
  • Kick-off

Stage I.

Stage III.

  • Final
  • Stage 1 / Kick-off meting
  • Obtain demands and expectations
  • Stage 2 / Concept Development
  • Deliverables:
    2-3 design ideas/directions presented using 3D rough visualizations
  • Stage 3 / Final Design
  • Initiation meeting with producer
    (domestic travel required)
  • Deliverables:
    final 3D project + visualizations (doesn’t include technical drawings)
  • Stage 4 / Realization & Coordination
  • Technical coordination
    (coordination of technical mains arrangements and orders)
  • On-site supervision
    (visiting and controlling constructions finalization)


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Corporate and home Interiors

Within the interiors design service we offer our skills and knowledge to create a unique space for Your home, office and showroom. The complex interior project consist of 4 main stages and it last from couple of weeks to few months. The time of preparing the project and realization depends from the complexity and size of the interior. During the first brief meting the main factors are discussed: investors' expectations, designers' suggestions, available budget and realization time. As an outcome of the brief meeting we are presenting the project realization offer with detailed service description, costs and realization schedule. The investor can choose some of stages that are the most relevant to his needs, or proceed with a complete project, including all.


You are sincerely welcome for the fruitful cooperation,

Joanna & Audrius Rusevičius

WHITE MOOD Design Factory

Stage II.

  • Conceptual Project

Stage IV.

  • Realization & Supervising
  • Consultation & Advice

Stage I.

Stage III.

  • Technical Project

Stage I – Consultation & Advice

The stage starts with a meeting where general expectations are conducted. We offer interior planing consultation, where main factors are discussed (space, furniture, colors etc.). All drawing drafts produced during the meeting are given to the investor.

Stage II – Conceptual Project Development

The designer is analyzing investors' expectations and lifestyle in details (style, function, quality etc.). As well as the inventorying of the space (analyzing existing drawings and taking most important measurements in a place). As an outcome, the investor is receiving digital and printed versions of mood-boards and functional 3D drawings.

  • Mood-boards presents several ideas and/or directions, which includes:
  • style selection and definition;
  • dominant materials selection;
  • dominant colors selection.
  • 3D visualizations presents interior and its' components function and placement, which includes:
  • reorganization of walls if necessary;
  • space zoning (dining, cooking, relaxing, working, playing, storing etc.);
  • furniture and equipment placement.

Stage III

The following stage is the technical project development according to production requirements. It includes technical drawings (detailed measurements and specifications of the interior and its' components; such as built-in furniture, electric, water and sewage installations). Based on technical project drawings the investor can choose his/her producer(s), or continue to stage IV with White Mood.

  • Technical drawings includes:
  • 3D interior visualizations;
  • flooring and floor skirting (including materials and colors description);
  • ceilings (hanging constructions, electric installations, decorative details etc.);
  • walls (water, sewage, electric installations, decorative details etc.);
  • interior doors and built-in space dividers (locations, measurements and descriptions);
  • light system (detailed drawings for lights system installation and its' description);
  • furniture layout (furniture arrangements and its' size for each room);
  • built-in furniture (kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, storage);
  • custom-made, stand alone furniture (tables, barstools, benches, decoration elements etc.);
  • list of required interior components such as: furniture, kitchen and bathroom equipment, light components, materials;
  • table of related costs.

Stage IV

The last stage of the project includes choosing of interior and its components builders/producers, as well as on-site supervision of building and installations processes.


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